Ever had a serious question about love, life, work or your health? Or just been curious about something or someone?

The tarot is a very interesting way to gain new insight into a situation or person.

I’m not saying I can predict the future, or tell you who you’re going to marry or when you will meet your soulmate, but I can give you a different perspective on things.

Think of the tarot as a window through which you can explore different possibilities. Each picture and meaning of the card allows you to focus on a different aspect of the issue, bringing clarity and also showing you things you never even considered.

Got a question? Well….I only do calls for submissions every now and again. Keep an eye out on my blog for the next one. The reason why I only do calls for submissions occasionally is because these readings are time-consuming beyond belief. What takes you 10 minutes to browse takes me four hours – to design the card layout, meditate on your question, and then do the reading and type it out.

Please dont email me and ask me for readings. Please dont leave comments saying ‘i want one’. This is one way to annoy me, and this doesn’t get you any closer to your reading. Remember – this is a service that most tarot readers charge a big fee for. I’m doing it for free. Dont push my buttons – I’m doing you a favour, not the other way around. Also, you need to be a regular reader of my blog. Just telling me you are one isn’t enough. I judge this by comments on my blog. Also, it helps if I’m a regular over at your blog.

 If you’re really desperate, write a blog post telling me why you think I HAVE to read your cards and answer your question. Link to this blog in your post, so I can track it and be notified of your endeavours to compel me to do your reading.

If this seems a bit harsh – consider this – there are 24 hours in a day – 8 of which I sleep through. 12 of which are occupied by my son. I am also a full time masters’ student with a heavy workload. I also still have to spend time with The Boyfriend. I also have to do things like eat, bath, cook, wash my hair. So please, my time is precious. Dont waste it.


15 Responses to “What Is This About?”

  1. B Says:

    i have a question…

  2. expensivemistakescheapthrills Says:


    you read this page.

    you know how the process works.

    you got to show me you want it!

  3. Parenthesis Says:

    Love the attitude, would so ask for one, but am scared you might RAISE YOUR VOICE or something 😉

  4. expensivemistakescheapthrills Says:

    parenthesis – you’ve read what to do if you’re really desperate….

  5. shebee Says:

    hahahahahaaa! Am so glad I got in there before the novelty wore off for you.

    Sorry for the rest of you!

    LOL. AM wetting self. So funny.

  6. expensivemistakescheapthrills Says:

    shebee – you took part in the call for submissions. hence you qualified for your reading.

    others are trying to jump on the bandwagon for free.

  7. B Says:

    ehem.. excuseeeeee me.. I thought I WAS a qualifier.. should i be offended by all or just go lie down till the feelings goes away??

  8. expensivemistakescheapthrills Says:

    you qualified.

    i will get to your reading when i have some free time. things a bit hectic at the moment. haven’t you noticed my lack of presence on twitter?

  9. B Says:

    i have i have.. i just thought you were working hard on my card reading…lol

  10. expensivemistakescheapthrills Says:

    dude – you need to email me the following:

    1. date of birth and starsign
    2. short description of yourself – personality, characteristics, strengths, weaknesses.
    3. the question you want answered.

  11. B Says:

    ok… on its way


  12. Lorielle Says:

    I think it’s awesome what you are doing here for people, for practice, for fun, or whatever you’re doing it for. 🙂 I’d ask for a reading, but have had several this week and no one’s hit on anything. I think that I’m just unpredictable this year. 🙂

  13. Lorielle Says:

    Ack… I’ve had several readings this YEAR not week. LOL I haven’t had any in several months…. that was a typo that it won’t let me edit – sorry.

  14. Hello,
    I’d like to thank you for sharing your knowledge within all the posts you have done thus far. Excellent! Please do continue.
    Madame Seaqueen.
    May 6, 2009.

  15. ranj Says:

    hi im abit new to this site i would like yo know how i would go about getting a reading thro submission can anyone help

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