Po wrote:

Name: Po

DOB: 11 August 19**

star sign: Leo

About me: I am an introvert, really shy at first, not that sociable, more of an observer. I read and write a lot, quite a nerd at school, intellectual, love sports and reading and writing, hate public speaking, hate fruits and spiders, hate being at a party where I don’t know people well. I hate people who try and judge you when they don’t know you well.

And the question: What I really want to know is, will I be in the UK forever or will we get to move? Otherwise if that is no good (plan B), I would love to know more about my work situation and if I will be in Science forever, or if I will get anywhere in my writing.

Layout/Spread: Pillars of Thought Spread. (The pillars are of contrasting energies, ideaologies, or for that matter, they can represent two topics.)


CARD 1 & 2: These are the base foundation, where things began, the structure upon which the current situation has been built.

1. The Emperor:

Keywords and Phrases:

  • The world of grown-ups, masculine power and control, self-assertion, status.
  • Dealing with autority, temporal force. A man of influence.
  • The outer world, the structures of society, the order we impose on the world.
  • The drive for achievement, success, respect and stability.
  • The impulse to create something of lasting value.
  • Regulation, dominion, rational thought, mind over matter.
  • Security, ambition, strength, exuberance, fearlessness, firmness.
  • Stability, leadership, wisdom, head over heart.
  • Self-control, completion, achievement, recognition.
  • Becoming your own person, material wealth, a job promotion.
  • Establishing a project on a firm foundation, rational understanding, facing the music.

Situation and Advice:

This card suggests you have the ability to use rational thought and direct action to achieve success. You may receive a job promotion in recognition of your excellent organisational skills.  This card represents the power of the mind to shape the world. Such action does not take place at the command of will, but through the command of the written/spoken word. It indicates balance – male/female, mind/body.

The Emperor is the archetypal Father – wise in the ways of the world, knowledgeable of how to live as part of a structure, along with everyone else. He has a strong and powerful heart, as every father should, but he shows this side of him through the imposition of strict rules and guidelines, as most fathers do. He is protective and creates order from chaos and wishes nothing to disturb that order.

This card teaches many things – first of which being that every rule has an application and a reason for being. If we understand this, then his world may not seem so restrictive after all. This card also reminds us that power should not be corrupted. Rule your realm, with a firm hand, but remember to be just. Listen to the counsel of others, but remember that the final decision is always yours. Take what you have learned, and pass it on to the next generation. If you have power, take care that you use it wisely.

Examine and scrutinise everything around you – don’t be fooled by illusions and deceptions. Skepticism is not a bad thing, if it is used moderately. In areas of business, you are encouraged to consider all the facts, revisit your strategic plans, reconsider our partnerships & re-evaluate your allegiances. When you are unsure of circumstances, the Emperor reminds you that sometimes “doing” is the only substitute for “knowing.” Another tip – the Emperor is a master of his own making, and when he shows up in a reading, you would do well to realize our own inner strength and motivation is what makes you a leader.

When considering what this card means for you, ask yourself the following questions –

  • Am I leading by example?
  • Am I being inflexible? Too practical?
  • Upon what resources am I calling in order to be the best master of my own destiny?
  • What’s my strategy to accomplish these goals and are they realistic?

Above all else, the Emperor shows the benefits of structure and logic ruling over the emotions and lesser desires. Although domination of the mind over the heart is not always wanted, in some cases it is necessary, and sometimes welcomed. When hard choices must be made, it is important to maintain your concentration and focus, and this is something the energy of The Emperor allows you to do. When he manifests as a part of you, let that part of you shine through and take control – enjoy the assertiveness and confidence it brings. Forge ahead, and do what you know is right. If you can master yourself, you should have little problem mastering the world and all the things in it.


  • A father, a person of power or high position. An opponent, an important rival.
  • Someone in power, an organiser, a mentor, a company you work for.
  • Those who are direct and forceful.

2. Ten of Swords: (reversed) –

Keywords and Phrases:

  • (+)The worst is over, a change for the better, improvement, the end of a cycle and a new beginning.
  • Accepting help from others, light at the end of a tunnel. Every cloud has a silver lining.
  • (-) Drastic change. Chronic drawn-out problems, recurrence of past difficulties. Disruption.

Situation and Advice:

Examine things from every angle and thoroughly pin down all the aspects of your situation. You are blocking reality, seeing only what you want to see. Fearing that everything is going to come tumbling down around you. Stretch yourself in your search for knowledge and with diligence you will develop wisdom.  A Karmic lesson has been completed and there will be steady improvement now. When you are suffering from the aftermath of deep personal hurt – you need spiritual guidance. Go deep within and seek “inner” counseling – allow yourself to experience the peace – let go and rest in the presence of your “inner” strength. You are never alone and you can trust in the assurance of their guidance and protection.

When considering what this card means for you, ask yourself the following guiding questions:

  • In what way are you feeling paralyzed or unable to act?
  • Where do you feel that you have no choice?
  • What are you being forced to accept?
  • What is being sacrificed?
  • What problem can you now let go of?
  • By totally accepting defeat, what are you now free to do?

Bear in mind that there is always such a thing as second chances, it is just up to you to decide whether or not you think it is something worth pursuing. Knowing when to cut your losses is a valuable lesson to have learnt.


  • Survivors, the long-suffering, those who have near-death experiences.

How these two cards relate to the layout:

The Emperor teaches that everything happens for a reason, that there is structure and logic to our World, and the events that occur in our lives. He reminds you that you are in control of your life, that the decisions are yours alone to make. He shows us that order can be created from chaos, and instructs that sometimes it is better to follow your head, than your heart. Build on the foundations of your past, examine the past, but don’t forget about the future.

The Ten of Swords, reversed brings drastic change. But the old saying that ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ rings true here. The worst is over. Keep in mind The Emperor’s teachings that ‘everything happens for a reason’ and know when to ask for help, and when to walk away. Learn from your mistakes.

CARD 3 & 4: what was and now cannot be undone, where things are flowing from, how the energy is being channeled.

3. Prince of Swords –

Keywords and Phrases:

  • An unexpected situation, an important event related to a matter of intellect.
  • New people. new experiences, swift or impulsive action.
  • Quick solutions, mental stimulation, leadership, ambition.
  • Confidence, fearlessness, assertiveness, aggressiveness.
  • Decisive action, persuasiveness, new ideas, force of intellect.
  • Mental challenges, professional advice, analytical problem-solving.
  • Restlessness, diversity, versatility, mercurial energy.
  • Communication, strength, use of force, single-mindedness.
  • Resoluteness, protection during difficult times.

Situation and Advice:

You may enter into a situation of frenzied conflict with excitement, only to have it pass quickly and chaotically out of your life. Expect to be active, and on the go. Swords often indicate a period of struggle or competition, in which you need to take swift and firm action to come out on top. A strong, assertive and gallant young man may come to your rescue. If you put your mind to it, you are capable of strong, steadfast commitment to a goal.

Now is a time to follow your head, rather than your heart. Be strong, make decisive choices, and be practical and clear in your thinking. Sound professional advice can spell the difference between success and failure. Swords have difficulties with emotions and do not bode well for romantic endeavours, unless you learn to communicate your emotions more effectively. This card also warns against rash and impulsive behaviour.

This card can manifest in your life in one of three ways – as an event, a person or a part of yourself. It is rare that it symbolises an event, but if it doesm the event is the sudden coming or going of a problem. Or the unexpected arrival or departure of a person. A person represented by this card will seem almost totally emotionless, it’s not that they don’t have emotions, it;s just that they supress them, and don’t see the value in having them. The heart is the centre of compassion, and also the centre of fear, and this person holds their heart firmly in control so as to be almost fearless and they never anticipate defeat. Since he never anticipates defeat and never shies from a challenge, he is the perfect person to help implement new ideas and life plans.

Dangerous as it may seem to assume the personality of the Prince of Swords, it is sometimes necessary to do so. Whenever you feel afraid or indecisive, call on this energy to give you confidence and clarity. His impartiality is also desirable when making tough choices, but do be careful not to act too hastily, or rashly, else the effort will be wasted.  His refusal to back down makes him a pillar of strength.


  • A champion, a leader, a strong decisive person.
  • One who gets what he or she wants.
  • Someone who is more at home with thoughts, than with feelings.

4.  Seven of Wands –

Keywords and Phrases:

  • Holding firm, taking a stand, success in a competitive undertaking.
  • Matters coming to a head, keeping your ground, maintaining your position.
  • Having an advantage, feeling undaunted.
  • Courage, strength in adversity, self-confidence, assertion, devotion.
  • Challenge, confrontation, disputes, opposition.
  • A career change, coping successfully, learning, teaching, writing.
  • A sense of purpose.
  • Against all odds.

Situation and Advice:

A situation of conflict is coming to a head, and you are able to view the matter from a superior vantage point. You may feel pressured as you enter this time of confrontation, challege and opposition. You will need much inner strength and courage to overcome the odds and face the competition. You have the upper hand, even if you don’t realise it.

Perhaps a prior achievement has placed you in a competitive situation, to achieve success you will have to take a firm stand, and defend your position. You will be able to hold your own in an argument. Your devotion to the cause will win the day. You have the strength and tenacity to face the competition that is entering your life or business ventures.

Do not give up the struggle. If you make the effort, you will achieve victory. The best strategy is to tackle one problem at a time. Your hard work and thoughtfulness will pay off. This is a time to be particularly observant. If your question is about career, you will be able to make a successful career move. You will enter a period of new learning. You will be asked to teach or write about what you know.

This card teaches you not only about the value of courage, but the value of fear in your every day life. Feal your fear, and use it to fuel your efforts. By facing your fears and turning them to your advantage, you grow even stronger and ready to face the next obstacle in your path. Indeed, there can be no courage without fear to inspire it. That fear does not need to be your master any more, if an opportunity calls you, cast away your doubt and go for it with courage in your hands. If you feel that now is the time to take steps towards your dream, throw hesitation out the window and let nothing stand in your way.

This card appears to remind you to stand up for yourself and for what you believe in. It is also important to re-evaluate where you stand, or you might end up fighting yourself.  It is also a good time to consider what is worth fighting for – this prevents you from wasting energy.

Though the odds may seem insurmountable, remember to hold your ground, and victory will be yours, eventually. Inner courage is a force far greater than physical strength.  Commit yourself to your goal and let nothing deter you from it. What may feel like frustration is actually progress. The true victory here will be attained by making a stand, not the result of that stand. Refuse to accept less than what is right, and in the end you will triumph.


  • Those who have the advantage, those who hold their ground in a struggle.
  • Those who make things happen.

How these cards relate to the layout:

These two cards represent what was and now cannot be undone, where things are flowing from, how the energy is being channeled. Now is the time to follow your head not your heart, but to avoid impulsive decisions. Think things through, from an impartial perspective. Ask advice if you need it. If you decide to follow your dreams, be persistent and you will succeed. Success is your choice, it comes to those who make it happen. Do not back down in a situation of conflict or confrontation, but you must know exactly what it is you’re fighting for.

CARD 5 & 6: what is now and is becoming the past, what may or may not be out of the sphere of influence, where the energy is now but not always where it is headed.

5. Justice –

Keywords and Phrases:

  • Being judged, a fair outcome.
  • Harmony, equilibrium, restoration of balance, fairness.
  • Prudent money management, strategy, accountability, integrity, examination of conscience.
  • Carefully considered choices, clear vision, a sense of proportion, the power of intellect.
  • Rationality, a just outcome, the right decision, clear-cut perspective.
  • Contracts, binding agreements, powers that enforce justice.

Situation and Advice:

Justice appears when you must weigh many factors to make a reasoned and thoughful decision. This card reminds you to deliberate carefully and wisely before reaching any conclusions. It is a card of calm and balance. You would do well to examine your conscience and consider the other person’s point of view before making a moral choice. Issues of fairness are prominent. An impartial third party may assist you in ensuring that a fair outcome is reached. If someone has wronged you, you may receive an apology soon.

The Justice card’s prime message is that of accountability. Justice appears to us when we know we should do something and we’re not doing it.  Justice serves as a loud message from our conscience. Remember Jiminy Cricket in the cartoon Pinocchio? The Justice card is to a reading as Jiminy Cricket is to Pinocchio – a little (sometimes nagging) voice that lets us know we should do the right thing. Justice in a reading is a call to examine what we’ve done in the past, contemplate future actions – balance the equation – take responsibility and be sure in all matters we remain as even-minded as possible in our endeavors.

Keep in mind the Justice card is staight-forward and to the point. There is no hiding, no making excuses, no procrastination. Lady Justice cuts down all illusions and exposes the heart of the matter for what it is. The Justice card can help you take a look at your responsibilities and obligations and see that you’ve been falling short of the mark.

Ask yourself the following questions when considering this card:

  • Is my life out of balance?
  • What can I do to be more balanced?
  • Am I being honest with myself?
  • Am I taking healthy responsibility for my actions?
  • Where do I place blame for my actions and my life’s circumstances?
  • Have I been neglecting some of my obligations and commitments?
  • Do I need to take some time to re-examine my life because I’m out of balance?
  • Can I keep a proper equalibrium – do I have an even temper & even mind?


  • Judges, witnesses,authorities. Someone who must make a decision.
  • Someone who apologises.

6. The Lovers –

Keywords and Phrases:

  • Choice, union, sharing, trust, duality.
  • Short trips, health, healing.
  • A romantic meeting, sexuality.
  • A partnership, a major choice, an important decision.
  • A fork in the road, an ordeal, temptation.
  • Being put to the test, reviewing an important relationship.
  • Thoughts of love and marriage, choosing one of two divergent paths.
  • The road less travelled.

Situation and Advice:

This card often appears when you are faced with a crucial life decision, and must choose which path to follow. It can herald a romantic adventure, often with a trial or choice involved. You may be preoccupied with the progress of an important relationship. This card warns you to consider all potential ramifications before making an important decision, before making a final commitment. Somehow, you will be put to the test before you can enter the next stage of development.

You are at a fork in the road, and need to choose which direction to proceed in. This card also reminds you that before you can be sure of love with another person, you need to love yourself.

When considering this card, ask yourself some important questions:

  • How do I feel about trusting others?
  • How do I feel about my relationships?
  • Am I being honest about my relationships?
  • Do I need to pay closer attention to my health?
  • What relationships in my life do I need to re-examine?
  • Am I always on my guard or can I allow myself to be vulnerable?
  • What will it take for me to have a passionate, loving, trusting relationship?


  • Lovers, couples, someone on the horns of a dilemma.
  • Good friends, business partners.

How these two cards relate to the layout:

Justice is all about balance, and weighing the variables. The Lovers is all about harmony, unity and duality. Justice reminds you to read the fine print, and The Lovers cautions you to consider the potential consequences of all your actions. Whatever decision you make needs to achieve balance in your life, in terms of career, family, love, self and spirit. So choose wisely, even if it means taking a completely new direction.

CARD 7 & 8what is the projected outcome at this time, can also represent what can be altered or what can not be altered, how the flow appears to be engaging.

7. Eight of Cups –

Keywords and Phrases:

  • A change of heart, leaving, walking away.
  • Breaking loose, going off into uncertainty.
  • A turning point, feeling disenchanted with a situation.
  • Leaving the past behind, turning your back on a difficult situation.
  • Looking inward, searching for meaning, rejecting an outmoded lifestyle.
  • Directing energies to a new interest, abandoning previous concerns.
  • A job change, a relocation. A month’s time.

Situation and Advice:

You are leaving an unsatisfactory situation and moving on to something new, you have gradually become aware that your needs are not being met, and have had a change of heart. Now you want to break loose and try something different. Perhaps you are seeking to fill a void in your life, it may be time to sever old emotional ties and become your own person. Often this card indicates that matters will take one lunar cycle (one month) to work themselves out. Travel and a change of residence are strong possibilities.

This is a time to let go,  because old involvements will simply not work out – reflect on what you have learned, because you are maturing emotionally and it is time to pursue something more satisfying. You seek more meaning in your life. As you walk away from the past, the future awaits you. The old books say the Eight of Cups means assistance from a blonde woman – who knows?

You have emotionally over-extended yourself. Go deep within yourself now and regenerate your energy – search for a deeper meaning in life.Take time out for yourself and search for meaning – a purpose that is worthy of your total commitment and dedication. . Rest and you will regenerate as new ideas begin to germinate.

Your basic fortitude and hope for the future are strengths that other people depend on – some people are too needy, making you feel manipulated and used without a return of energy. Avoid this psychic drain and take time out to care for your own needs.  Prepare to leave this stable situation and journey into the unknown.

Your heart is opening wider, getting larger as you love expands beyond the immediate circle of mate, family and close friends into a more universal love. A blending of the masculine and feminine energy. Emotional efficiency creates and abundance of reliable interactivity – emotional stockpiling. The emotional foundation, the package itself is on the move. Two’s, lessons learned in accommodating both, that set the stage for the highest emotional lesson – love of self and love of others must balance as they move toward becoming one and the same. Extroversion and inclusion,

As you consider this card ask yourself:

  • What do you feel weary of or dissatisfied with?
  • What relationships or values are no longer relevant in your life?
  • What or who is drawing on your energy and leaving you feeling emotionally drained?
  • How can you withdraw or take time to renew yourself?


  • Seekers, someone who is departing.
  • One who is leaving an unsatisfactory situation behind.
  • A helpful blonde.

8.  Five of Swords: (reversed)

Keywords and Phrases:

  • (+) Being cleared of wrong-doing, treachery revealed.
  • (-) Loss, manipulation, underhandedness, false pride, deception, unfairness.
  • Suspicion, paranoia, an exclusive focus on winning.

Situation and Advice:

You are experiencing despair after things didn’t turn out quite the way you’d planned . See how your mind creates doubt and pessimism – look directly at your defeatist thinking. You defeat yourself with your own doubt and skepticism. It is time that you look at changing your own attitudes – let go of your pride and release this narrow view point – your own “ego” is inhibiting you. An old wound has been opened and you are experience fear associated with that memory – thoughts that history might repeat itself or that you could be hurt again. Your vision has been distorted by the past. Allow yourself to be sensitive to this deception in a personal situation – be receptive to the things that are causing you all these emotional problems. When you are involved in an unfair decision that is hard to correct – be patient with your emotions.

Too much or too little mental freedom leads to uncertainty. Too many or too few choices.Your mind looks at itself ineffectively and will tend to be too passive and lax or will be over enthusiastic and cause havoc. Criticism of self and others can be harsh and inaccurate. A sharp tongue. A sense of mental loss rather than gain. Anger, confusion, argument, covering things up, impulsive, impatient, hasty, nervous, stubborn, complacent. Inappropriate worry, sadness, depression, disappointment, guilt or shame.

As you focus on this card, ask yourself:

  • Do you expect to get “stung” in this situation?
  • What are you afraid of?
  • Why don’t you feel good about what you are doing?
  • What do you need in order to feel good?
  • What would be the ethical thing to do?
  • What is so important to you that you have to prove everyone else wrong?


  • Bullies, malicious enemies.

How these two cards relate to the layout:

You are letting go of an unsatisfactory situation, and looking to the future, making changes, and severing ties. Focusing on new goals and targets. Be careful that your focus isn’t entirely on winning, this will only sabotage your efforts. Be wary of being too suspicious or paranoid, this could also sabotage you. Don’t be your own worst enemy.

CARD 9 & 10: what energy is above all, what is the final destination, what can be predicted to come true at this time, how things are forming to conclusion.

9. Nine of Pentacles –

Keywords and Phrases:

  • Relying on yourself, being self-sufficient.
  • Attainment, gain, desire for financial security.
  • Material comfort, leisure time, cultivation, self-worth.
  • Refinement, well-deserved success.
  • Mastery of one’s resources, material benefits.
  • The ability to be alone, but feeling lonely.

Situation and Advice:

This card depicts a woman, in solitude, enjoying the finer things in life. She is reaping the benefits of having used her talents and resources wisely. She is alone, and at peace with her surroundings, she is in control of her thinking and of her destiny. She has a sense of self-worth and is completely capable of managing her own affairs. But a feeling of incompleteness surfaces at this time.

But the capacity to be alone is one of the most important milestones in emotional maturity. You will not feel secure in a relationship, until you have attained that milestone. It goes hand-in-hand with the ability to love yourself before you can expect others to. You will experience mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and financial profit if you choose to follow what has heart and meaning to you. Organize your life and the rewards will follow, which comes as a result of unifying your wisdom with your love in a creative way which facilitates tangible gain in all areas of your life.

Recognize that you feel incomplete only because you are still seeking goals, a purpose – “inner” satisfaction. Continue to seek what you have not found and you will succeed. Complete the “work” of your self-development – have confidence in your self-discipline and patience. You will succeed in “creating” yourself out of the material given you by the circumstances and conditions of your life – the ability to KNOW when others only guess.

Follow your goal to the end and do not allow impatience to get in the way. Materialize, manifest and realize your dreams. Harvest the fruits of your labors and prepare to plant again. Certainty is the mark of a truly evolved person and to achieve this you have been required to give up normal companionship in order to achieve self-reliance, producing a certain loneliness in the pursuit of your goals. You have had to give up spontaneity, recklessness and wandering. If the sacrifice “appears” too great – perhaps you do not value enough the rewards of your self- development. True discipline never cripples – it allows one to soar.

Questions to consider here:

  • What are you earning by your endeavors – material wealth, security, status?
  • How are you enjoying what you have earned?
  • How are you spending your leisure time?
  • How do you give thanks for all that you’ve gained?


  • A self-sufficient person, someone concerned about the environment,  a person of grace, beauty, talent and skill.

10. Queen of Cups –

Keywords and Phrases:

  • Deep feeling, nurturing, queen of emotions, sensitivity.
  • Otherworldliness, intuition, perception, a choice based on sincere feelings.
  • Imagination, dreams, kindness, empathy, the sixth sense, sympathy, affection.
  • Introspection, creativity, mystery, prophecy, counselling.
  • Love of music and art, generous.
  • The stirrings of the heart.

Situation and Advice:

This card suggests an opportunity to turn inward to examine your feelings about a matter – your hunches and intuition are reliable guides. Pay special attention to dreams and psychic perceptions. A loving friend may come to your assistance, or you may have the opportunity to show someone how much you care. Your mother, or mother substitute may play a significant rold in the near future.

No intuition is more powerful than that of the Queen of Cups, she is often like a mirror, reflecting the hidden depths of others back to them, so they can see their own mysteries for themselves. However, her cup is closed, and her own secrets remain invisible to all, even to herself sometimes. Such is the paradox and fluidity of the Water element. Hardly ever manifesting as an event, the Queen of Cups is almost always found either in people near you, or in yourself.

A Queen of Cups in the real world feels right at home in the realms of the subconscious. If she is not psychic, she will posess extraordinary insight into the behaviour and motivations of others. As such, she is often a gifted counsellor and healer, ready to provide a shoulder to cry on and a hand to hold whenever they are needed. She is beautiful by almost all standards, because her beauty is the purity of her spirit, and such magnificence has a universally recognizable allure. Even when not physically attractive, she still attracts others to her.

It is from this that the Queen’s more negative qualities arise. She often loses herself in her fantasies and daydreams, and though completely confident in her instincts, more often than not she is totally unable to apply these instincts to anything in the real world. At music, poetry, mothering and artistry, no one can compete with her – in everything else she is mediocre, at best. Spending as long as she does in the spiritual world tends to make her quite uncomfortable when she has to leave it. She places much importance on relationships because she sees herself as unable to stand alone.

A Queen of Cups lies within each of us, and in some it is closer to the surface than in others. When she appears in reference to an aspect of your own personality, the Queen of Cups should be taken as a suggestion to think carefully about how you use the vast stores of spiritual wisdom you have access to all the time. She can be a sign that you should use you intuition to guide you – or she can be a warning that you are thinking too much with your heart and not with your head. This can cause your dreams to grow out of control… and out of reach. Like all of the Cups court cards, the Queen encourages a moderate approach to intuition and wisdom. The heart may see farther, but sometimes you will have to look at things with your eyes.

Ask yourself, when considering this card –

  • Am I spending too much time dreaming about something, and not enough working to achieve it?
  • Is my intuition telling me something important?
  • Am I ignoring my intuition?
  • What are my creative outlets?


  • One’s mother. One who feels deeply, one who understands her feelings.
  • An artistic, emotional, imaginative woman.
  • Someone who is too easily influenced.

How these two cards relate to the layout:

Once you have achieved what you sough to, you will still feel incomplete. Once you have completed your self-development, and have recognised the value of being alone, you can then be assured of moving on to the next stage. Of finding a suitable companion. Remember that sacrifices made now, will be rewarded later. The Queen of Pentacles reminds you (as do many of the other cards in this layout) not to think with your heart, but with your head. Temper this with reliance on intuition, and you will not be able to go far wrong.