Sleepyjane wrote –
Here are the details you asked for:
Name: Sleepyjane
Date of Birth: 12/11/19**
Starsign: Scorpio
A little about me:
I’m a strong person, I can deal with a lot and I am also very supportive. People tend to turn to me when they need advise, and I am known as the ‘momma’ in our friend group.
I’m headstrong, and stubborn. I’m also very emotional and I empathise really very easily. I’m very passionate about the things that matter most to me. I have a short temper and am very much an introvert. I love very easily. I don’t forgive people as fast as I should and tend to hang onto grudges. I’m crafty and love art and music. I can be engaging when I’m comfortable with the people I’m around. I like to be alone.
Question I want answered:
Is there a possible job change in my future?

Card Layout: The ‘Yes, No Maybe’ Layout (The cards indicate the conditions under which the answer would be Yes, No, or Maybe. Thus the “Maybe” card can indicate a deciding factor or a decision or action that the querent has to make in order to arrive at the outcome s/he wants.”)
CARD ONE: This card indicates that the answer to the question will be ‘yes, if…’
King of Pentacles-
Keywords and Phrases:
  • security-minded, sound financial advice.
  • steady progress, amibition, shrewdness, practicality, business ability.
  • wealth, patience, power, stability, reliability, commitment, satisfaction.
  • organisational skills, acclaim, status, discipline.
  • control, thoroughness, contentment, calmness, leadership.
  • mathematical acumen, common sense, perserverance.
  • hard work, earned success, increased income, professional success.
  • sound investments, ownership, climbing the corporate ladder.
  • money in the bank, money talks.
Situation and Advice:
The King of Pentacles suggests involvement in business matters and in organising the financial aspects of your life. Present and future security is a priority now. You may be in line for a promotion or a salary increase. You will succeed at practical ventures.
Your patience, honsty and loyalty will be rewarded. Sound financial advice, coupled with a practical, realistic outlook towards materialistic and financial situations will help you achieve your goal. The King of Pentacles is like King Midas – everything he touches turns to gold. He is the pillar of financial stability, with wealth and experience to share with everybody. This is the logical conclusion of the Pentacles suit – through diligence, hard work, responsibility and attention to detail, we can and will become like the King of Pentacles.
How this card relates to the layout:
In order for the answer to the question to be ‘yes’ you need to consider the following. You need to bring out aspects of the King of Pentacles in yourself – stand true to your word, if you’ve made a commitment, honour it. What you say, you must do. Take on responsibility, but see in it the true value for you. Remember that the a career is not only about money. It is about personal satisfaction, security and peace of mind. Chasing money doesn’t always bring happiness.
Give generously of your time and resources, because it is often in giving, that we receive even more. Be open to learning new skills and methods, they will only serve you well in the future. Take up all the vast challenges of the material world – you can conquer them all if you work hard.
  • Conscientious workers, leaderrs, business-people.
  • A devoted father who understands his children.
  • a methodical, reliable, taciturn person.
  • Someone who is good with mathematics.
  • Ambitious person who will work long and hard to reach his goals.
  • A provider and protector.
These are the skills you need to ensure you have in order to succeed:
  • honesty, reliablity, ability to commit to and follow through on a project.
  • ability to learn new skills, and adapt to any given situation or challenge.
  • good organisation skills, attention to detail and thoroughness.
  • leadership qualities, ability  to take the initiative when it is called for.
  • common sense, practicality and perserverance.
CARD TWO: The answer to the question will be ‘no, if….’
Temperance: (reversed) –
Keyworks and Phrases:
  • extremism, immoderation, lack of balance, pressures, refusal to compromise.
  • Overreaction, over-doing it, discord, wasted efforts.
  • lack of control, excessive ambition, impatience, moodiness.
  • Unbridled passions, lack of restraint, fickleness.
  • Scattered energies, impulsiveness, conflict of interests.
  • Indecision, imbalance of mind and emotions, haste makes waste.
  • Making mountains out of molehills, stress, poor judgment, the clash of opposites.
  • Forcing a situation, throwing caution to the wind. Everything in excess
Situation and Advice:
Exhibiting a lack of moderation will mean you will eventually have to face the consequences. Failure to control your appetites will have harmful results. Don’t let your obsession with a goal take you to extreme measures. Refusal to compromise will cause problems.
Don’t try to mix two or more elements that are incompatible, this will worsen the situation. You need to create balance, in order to achieve what you desire – a balance of heart, body, soul and mind. A balance of all the elements in your life. A balance between all the people in your life. You need to know when to persist, and when to sit back and let things happen. Trying to force a situation will not work.
  • Extremists, compulsive people.
  • People unable to compromise.
  • People who cannot restrain themselves.
How this card relates to the layout:
Knowing when to put yourself forward, and when to stand back, will help in all work-related issues. Getting the balance between all the elements in your life, and work is essential to success. Know when to compromise. Be ambitious, but not at any cost. Know when to cut your losses. Focus your energies properly.
CARD THREE: The answer to the question will be ‘maybe, if…’
Nine of Swords: (reversed) –

Keywords and Phrases:
  • (+) Hope, good news, unfounded worries, faith, trust, promises.
  • Help in the near future, the worrying and stress is over.
  • Feeling useful again, there is nothing to worry about.
  • There is light at the end of the tunnel.
  • (-) Anguish, isolation, persistent sorrow.
  • Seclusion, depression, spitefulness.
Situation and Advice:
In its positive aspect, this card indicates the nightmare is ending. You will still be suffering the aftermath of a stressful situation,  but the pain will be mostly gone. Your imaginings are far worse than reality – you have upset yourself unnecessarily by worrying without sufficient reason. You have let your negative thoughts and broodings run away with you.
The Nine of Swords reversed is a hopeful card, advising faith in the future and the promise of better days ahead.
In its negative aspect, it denotes depression and despondency. Preoccupation with morbid worries. Things appear worse than they really are.
  • (+) Those who have renewed hope for the future. Those who have been delivered from a nightmarish situation.
  • (-) Depressed people, insomniacs, morbid people.
How this card relates to the layout:
You need to get your fears and worries under control – worrying about something unnecessarily is problematic. Worry about things you can control, and let go of things you can’t. Have faith in the future. This card tells you to open your eyes – not to let things build up to boiling point. Deal with issues while they are small and insignificant, before they become the nightmare depicted in this card.