cosmicdeck2Motto: In mundo privato. (in a private world)

Ruled by: Uranus

Element: Air

Key words: Everyone

Number: 0

Corresponding Cards: none


Four concentric circles range from lightest (by the Fool’s feet and over the mountain range) to darkest (by the bells on his cap). The 4th circle contains the sun – making the total sum of circles five. The sun represents the super-conscious. The sum is surrounded by bright stars in a dark sky.

There are five circles, five birds, five crystal shards, a flower with five petals and five mountain peaks – the number 5 is associated with challenges and disruptions – crisis and adjustment. Adaptation, disruption, challenge, freedom, breaking out of a rut, variety. In Astrology, the 5th Harmonic relates to the search for order and form, to bring order out of chaos. The number is also associated with the 5 senses.

The number of the card – 0 – stands for nothingness and potentiality, immortality and the continuous circle of life: birth, death and rebirth.

The Fool is poised to leap over the edge of a cliff, his feet do not touch the Earth, and he is depicted as dancing. He is taking a chance, beginning a journey.

A white dog leaps at his feet – could be barking playfully or growling in warning at the potential danger. Dog represents the animal nature of the Fool, and refers also to the five senses. White is the colour of purity, illumination, daylight, joy, happiness, life, truth, enlightenment. Use your five senses to achieve enlightenment

He is moving to the left, the unconscious side, he is abandoning his ego-self ad entering the archetypal realm.

His clothing is multi-coloured, and symbolic of spring – which is associated with rebirth and transformation.

The mountain range in the background – snow is indicative of frozen mental attitudes.

The river symbolizes progression, and a journey that must be undertaken from start (the source of the river) to end (the ocean). The river flows out of the picture on the card, showing that the journey the Fool undertakes continues in proceeding cards.

Dominant colours:

Blue – skies, oceans, rivers. Spirit. The unconscious. Idealism. Intuition.

Gold – sun, illumination, truth, the divine.

Red – life, strength, courage, vitality, wine. (in vino veritas)



Keywords and Phrases:

The beginning of a journey, a leap into the unknown. Innocence. Spontaneity. Potential. A fresh start. A new chance, a novel experience and a new way of perceiving the world. An opportunity. The start of an adventure.

An important decision. A surprising solution. Significant and unexpected circumstances. Time for change. An open mind. An unexpected influence

Originality, optimism, childlike wonder. Purity of action.

Freedom from bias. A new phase of life. Excitement about discovery. Surprise.

Being born again. Trusting with faith. Freedom from inhibition. Trust in a higher power.

Leaving the past behind to start something new.

Homosexuality. Bisexuality. Zero is the number of pure potential. All things are possible. ‘To boldly go where no man has gone before

Situation and Advice:

When the time comes, as it always does, when the old rules, conceptual structures, prejudices and beliefs are no longer adequate to the challenge at hand, then the Fool is needed. He lives in a private world, and so is not bound by the shared conventions, preconceptions or norms of society.

It is through chance that transformation will occur. Many lessons must be learnt, and trials undertaken before the Fool emerges rejuvenated and reborn as The World, in Card 22 . On a personal level, there are times when customary thought patterns have outlived their usefulness, then it is time for the Divine Madness of the Fool – there are no rules for this, for it is the rules that are under attack.

The only escape is the blind leap over the cliff, we may hope for the best, but there are no guarantees. By taking this leap, you take a conscious step towards the irrational – the Fool represents an intentional source of chaotic, irrational, random action intended to break rules and conventions. He allows you to escape from your self-imposed bounds.

Because he is bound by no rules, he is truly the Beginning – the Uncaused Cause. Such a break from the conventional is necessary for psychological health. We must honour ‘the bad’ in order to make ‘the good’ possible.

Without the notion of Zero, our system of mathematics becomes meaningless. Similarly, the Fool is an essential part of the Tarot, because he is the spark that sets everything in motion, the divine breath that gives life and inspires the first step towards completion and fulfillment. The Fool is the cause behind all effects, the power behind all manifestations and the seeds of the end sown in every beginning.

The Fool is unmoulded potential, pure and innocent, neither positive nor negative, yet containing the possibility of both. He is the unconditioned soul about to come into manifestation for the first time to start learning the lessons of the world. His approach to life is strange and unconventional, because he does what is comfortable to him – the only approval he requires is his own. He has total faith in himself, and disregards the shock of others, who feel the need to follow the traditional way of thinking that asserts ‘we do it this way because it has always been done that way, even though we may not know or understand why.’

The Fool does not hide himself from the light, because he is the Light – innocence and perfect trust, fearlessness and self-reliance of children. The Fool stands for new beginnings, the first steps along a new path, the first words written onto a blank page. Such beginnings have the potential for either negativity or positivity, depending on the choices made and path followed. But this should not be your concern, because when a journey begins, no one can know, or should know, what will happen on the way to the destination.

Never let another person control your life. Live in the present and trust in your own abilities – that is the way of the Fool. This new beginning might go anywhere, and you may need to go with the flow. A new relationship might be about to start, or an unconventional person may enter your life. The people you meet now might be participants in a new cycle of personal or professional growth.

Take risks with childlike optimism, with any new experience there is always the risk of failure and the certainty of change – it is the degree of change and how that change will appear that is always uncertain. But the Fool has no qualms about taking changes, so you should not either.

On occasion the Fool will signify embarking on an actual journey. Especially when other travel cards appear upright in a spread – such as the Chariot, the Wheel of Fortune, the World, Six of Swords, Eight of Wands, or Prince of Wands.


A newborn. A child. Those starting anew. Mystics. Dreamers. Innocents, adventurers, visionaries. Wanderers. Innocent or inexperienced people. Eccentric, independent and unconventional people. Bisexual or homosexual people. Someone about to make an important decision or begin a journey. Those who mark the beginning of a new phase in your life.


Keywords and Phrases:

Foolishness, fear of the unknown. Impulsiveness, poor judgment. Risk. jadedness. Inexperience, gullibility, unfounded optimism. Lack of foresight, unexpected problems, idleness, thoughtlessness. Lack of follow-through. Wasting energy. unwarranted orthodoxy and conformity. Lack of perspective. Head in the clouds. An obsession. Throwing caution to the wind. Playing with fire.

Situation and Advice:

When reversed, the Fool warns against taking risks unless you carefully consider the situation. You may feel you are standing on the edge of a cliff, about to fall off. You may be foolishly obsessed with your own point of view. Your current situation causes you to fear the unknown or what the future may bring.

Avoid excessive optimism and closing your eyes to the risk entailed in a venture – an impulsive decision or unwise gamble will work to your disadvantage.

Unexpected problems may arise. You may be in a precarious situation caused by your own, or someone else’s idiocy and recklessness. Your judgment may be deficient or you might not be receiving sound advice. You must strive to keep matters in proper perspective. Someone around you may be making foolish decisions. You yourself might not be using sufficiently prudent foresight to ensure genuine happiness.

Someone may not be as committed or as loyal as you think they are. You or your partner may be fickle and indecisive about the relationship. Remember that infatuation is not the same as love.


Gamblers. The foolhardy. The uncommitted. The reckless.