Sweets wrote:

“Name: Stef

Birth date: 29 December

Star sign: Capricorn

Little about myself: Happy, friendly, down to earth person. Divorced mother of two (but you know this J), moving house yet again at the end of August. Anything else?

Question: this is a strange question but I always wonder if I will EVER meet someone that I’ll be happy with, my kids are growing up and I don’t want to end up alone one day, for some reason relationships never seem to work with me or for me and I’ve actually come to a point recently where I’ve made peace with the fact that I’m single and probably will stay like that, which is no good. I’m not worried about getting involved any time soon but one day you know! Am I very predictable?? LOL… ok you can stop laughing now 🙂

Oh wow, this is so exciting!!!

and thanks again!!”

Question: will I ever meet someone I can be happy with?

Card Layout: Five Card Relationship Circle

CARD ONE: What are the qualities you should be looking for in a partner?

Prince of Swords:

Keywords and Phrases:

· New people, impetuousness, not wanting to settle down.

· Perpetual motion, change of environment, departure from what is customary.

· Quick decisions, swift action, adventure, challenge, ambition, charisma, energy, haste.

· Love of fun, sense of humour, enthusiasm, optimism, excitement. Generosity, love of sports, athletic.

· Confidence, vision, perspective, an abrupt change.

· Relocation, flight, movement, getting away.

· Travel over water, a journey, sexual adventures.

Situation and Advice:

Change is in the air, a matter of considerable importance is emerging in your life, you may be about to move or try to get away from an oppressive situation or person. An important person from afar may play an important role in your life right now. Your confidence and enthusiasm is needed in order to make the change.

Romantic relations are promised. With the bonus of an exciting sex life. This person will find it difficult to express emotion. It’s not that he has none, he just suppresses them and doesn’t see their value. He is almost entirely fearless, and will succeed where others have failed. He never doubts himself or his abilities, and this allows him to achieve the impossible. His refusal to back down makes him a pillar of strength. All of his negative qualities should be monitored and kept in check, lest they get out of control, and that’s definitely not what you want!

People: travelers, debaters, movers. Competitors, this person will have no problem committing as long as they are given many interests and distractions. Sportsman. Loves a challenge.

CARD TWO: What do you subconsciously want from a relationship?

Five of Swords:

Keywords and Phrases:

· Wounded pride, arguing, spite, sabotage, severing of ties, failure, misfortune.

· Negative thinking, muddled opinions, not considering the consequences, selfishness, domineering attitude.

· Thoughtlessness, tactlessness, blaming, destructive behavior, revenge, deceit. Is that all there is?

· It’s only important whether you win or lose, not how you play the game.

· Be careful – you just might get what you want.

Situation and Advice:

All you have experienced recently is wounded pride, spite, failure and severing of ties. You have been prone to negative thinking and have not considered the consequences of your actions properly. A past relationship has led you to think that you should be the dominant one, and this has led to thoughtlessness and destructive behavior. You have, in short, been your own sabotage.

You have been too focused on the long-term, on the outcome, that you haven’t taken time to play the game. Revel in dating and all that it brings. Revel in the challenges, without regard to fear. You might be expecting too much, before you’re ready for it. Getting all that you want, before you’re ready for it is worse than never getting it at all.

Choose your battles, know when to give in, and when to fight. Also, it is important to know what is worth fighting for.

Don’t let your past defeat you.

CARD THREE: What obstacles will you face?

Seven of Swords:

Keywords and Phrases:

· Doing the unexpected. Cunning, cleverness, escape, duplicity. Moving to a new location, sabotage, evasive tactics, avoidance, indirect action.

· Brain over brawn. Self-defeating actions, an elopement.

· Being your own worst enemy, escapism.

· Feelings of defeat or deception.

Situation and Advice:

You may be feeling uneasy about something you have done. You may wish to escape or run away, but you need to avoid self-defeating actions. Do not become your own worst enemy. Be careful of what you say, it is likely to lead to a misunderstanding that was completely unintended. A battle of wits is likely.

This card indicates moving onward while leaving part of your life behind. Be careful of deception, but don’t be paranoid. It’s a hard balance to strike, so listen to your intuition. This card can also mean indecision. If you have done something ‘wrong’ in order to get ahead, or if you do something you thought was ‘right’ and has put you in a precarious situation, your ethical system will be challenged. If you have to compromise your values in order to achieve the goals you have set, you should either revise your ethics or the goal you have set – probably the latter. Sometimes the end doesn’t always justify the means.

This card also shows you something you are prone to do – get involved in something, and then get scared and try to back out. This is self-defeating behavior. A victory is only worthwhile if it is completed. Get involved. Stay involved. Admit the truth, don’t be afraid of it. You must learn to triumph over difficulties you have a tendency to create for yourself. Don’t beat yourself up about things you ‘ought to’ or ‘should’ do. Do what feels right or feels good, that’s usually the best indicator – trust your gut instinct. This card speaks about the things that we are afraid of. Some fears are very natural and healthy, indicating dangers you should rightly be wary of. These are the fears that keep you safe.

However, often many of your fears are self created. They are the things that prevent you from enjoying life to the full. Fear can make you cut yourself off from the world and withdraw into yourself. Fear can make you suspicious of others; you imagine heartbreak and imminent betrayals all around you.

The 7 of swords asks you to look at the ways in which you are limiting yourself through the terrors of you own imagination. It asks you to recognise what it is that prevents you from realizing your dreams and inspirations. And then, this card asks you to open your eyes and see things as they really are. Not scary and dangerous after all, but full of possibility and hope. It is then that you are able to take action!

CARD FOUR: What is the best advice for you right now?

Queen of Wands:

Keywords and Phrases:

· Balanced family and career interests.

· Ambition, centre of attention. Competence. Versatility, passion.

· Warmth, courage, confidence, foresight.

· Attractive, mature, energetic woman. Love of home, independence of thought.

· Generosity, the power of positive thinking

Situation and Advice:

Use your mothering and nurturing talents at this time. You have the ability to care for and sustain all forms of life. You will be building wealth through kindness and generosity, these are known as the ‘riches of the heart’. Work on issues of trustworthiness and reliability – you have a tendency to either trust too easily, or not at all. You need to find the balance.

Look for someone who makes you feel the way that you want others to feel around you. You exude an aura of warmth, compassion, generosity and do your utmost to make people feel comfortable. So why shouldn’t you look for the same in a partner? These are good qualities to have.Focus on family and career, all else will follow thereafter. You may have to wait, but what you want will come.

CARD FIVE: this card represents you, ultimately.

Ten of Pentacles:

Keywords and Phrases:

· Strong family ties, comfort, sound advice.

· Family matters. A comfortable home, happiness.

Situation and Advice:

This card shows enjoyment of family, enjoyment of a traditional way of life. You are secure in your home, in your position as mother. You wish for the additional security of a partner. You will soon lay down the foundations for a firm, satisfying relationship. This person will be involved in your family as well. You are also teaching your family important skills right now. Teaching them about how relationships work, and erasing the effects the past has had on them. This is important, because you blame yourself and worry about the impact on their emotional well-being.

When drawing the Ten of Pentacles in a reading, it symbolizes everything positive in the suit of Pentacles. Wealth, material abundance, family happiness, happy home, traditional marriage, loyalty, love, your wishes will come true.

If you ask for advice, be prepared to take it.