Saaleha wrote about herself:

“17 June

Born at 14.05ish (so I’ve been told)


I’m an easygoing type who’s given to laziness and sloth-like tendencies. I’m generally extroverted. I like to think I’m ‘creative’ but I do have my bleh days. I’m quite a dilletante and find I’m interested in too many things all at the same time. I’m distracted quite easily. I’m a terrible procrastinator, I would say this is my greatest flaw.

All I’ve ever really wanted to do is write, like seriously write. books and stuff.

As for life situation – recently married, still quite blissful and gaga over the husband. I’ve recently discovered my domestic side and thoroughly enjoy cooking – so much so that I’ve been thinking about possible venturing into food writing. I’ve been feeling a bit stifled in my job these last months, but things are picking up and I’ll be doing more of what I enjoy”

Her question: Should I leave my job to pursue full time masters in creative writing next year?

Card layout: 6 card C-A-R-E-E-R layout.

CARD ONE: ‘C’ stands for ‘creative expression’ – what you bring to this career

Eight of Wands (reversed):

Keywords and Phrases:

· Wasted energy, excessive speed, hassles, out of control.

· Being too pushy impulsiveness, insecurity, pressure, haste, ill-considered decisions.

· Precipitate actions, opposition, fights. On strike.

· Upsetting news. Miscommunication. Dismissal.

· Delayed news or messages. You’re acting like a chicken with its head cut off.

· Haste makes waste. Stop the world, I want to get off.

Situation and Advice:

You may be feeling overwhelmed by the fast pace of events. Perhaps you are in a dither and squandering your energy in fruitless directions. Your hasty actions don’t get you anywhere you want to go. Be careful not to force things because you might meet with violent opposition. Expect delays.

Do not get carried away with things at the spur of the moment. Take time to think about your actions. There may be some arguments on your home front. You may be rushing into a decision. You may be jealous of some people. Do not act spontaneously without thinking about the consequences.

You are feeling tired and unmotivated. Take a break to recharge, before making your decision. Test the water before you jump in with both feet.

People: those rushing fast to get nowhere. Pushy people.

CARD TWO: ‘A’ stands for action – how this helps you reach your goals.

Six of Cups:

Keywords and Phrases:

· Nostalgia, sharing, an honest, talk, rekindling love.

· Thinking about old times, happy memories, karmic ties.

· Unearthing buried emotional treasure.

· Sentiment, family values. A job offer. A move.

Situation and Advice:

You have the opportunity to renew an old acquaintance, someone from the past will re-enter your life. Some matter with roots in the past will come to fruition. This card advises it is important to recover and deal with old memories.

An old friend may bring news that leads to a job offer or change of career. You will need to review some past aspect of your life, during an honest talk with a trusted partner or friend. You may have the chance you use old skills that have lain dormant for a long time. In the midst of change and crisis, looking back at what you have endured is a good way to assure yourself that, whatever trials lay ahead, you will meet them and you will overcome them as you have others.

This card is also associated with fertility and childbirth. It is a good idea also to see the world through child-like eyes – children see the world as a perfect place, and their hearts are totally open to experience all the myriad pleasures of life. When this card suggests a path to follow, it tells you to open yourself to all possibilities. Live in quiet harmony with those around you.

Live in the moment, remember the past and dream for the future.

People: old friends, those who are like family to us. Those connected with one’s past.

CARD THREE: ‘R’ – stands for ‘responsibility’ and tells you about things to be aware of

Ten of Pentacles (reversed):

Keywords and Phrases:

· Financial loss, disapproval of family members.

· Money difficulties, lack of motivation, worry.

· The burdens of wealth, fights about money.

· Unsound financial speculation. Restructuring finances.

Situation and Advice:

You may feel there is a threat to your security. This is not the time to take a financial risk. You may have the opportunity to increase your income at the expense of job satisfaction or burnout. Money may be tight for a while, and you will probably need to restructure your finances. Perhaps you will need to sell something to make ends meet.

You are likely to feel burdened by responsibility and commitments to those close to you. You may resent the demands your family is making on you about your choice of partner. You may feel you were pressurized into marriage for the wrong reasons.

Too much of family traditions may be restrictive; fights may lead to wealth being lost. Mentally you may be dull and sloppy. You may have to live on a tight budget.

People: those beset with family problems, financially burdened individuals.

CARD FIVE: ‘E’ stands for – energy – what drives/motivates you here.

Queen of Wands (reversed):

Keywords and Phrases:

· The shadow of the feminine, egotism, narrow-mindedness.

· Unbridled ambition, demanding, ruthless competition. Deception. Envy.

· Moodiness, manipulation, domination, disorganization, untrustworthiness, emotional blackmail

· Interference , paranoia, feminism gone awry. The end justifies the means.

Situation and Advice:

A neurotic and rigidly inflexible woman may interfere with your plans by insisting on getting her own way. This ruthlessly ambitious woman will use any means at her disposal to get what she wants.

You or someone else may be resorting to emotional blackmail to block another’s efforts at independence. Beware of sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong. Don’t try to impose your values on everyone around you.

This card also indicates that you imagine the worst in every scenario, while this helps you prepare for any eventuality, this can also have drawbacks. Stop seeing only the bad, and start imagining the good in every situation as well.

People: a strict woman. Someone who interferes. A busybody. A poor listener. Those who are always right, even when they’re wrong. Prudish persons who try to impose their values on others.

CARD SIX: ‘E’ stands for ‘earnings’ – what this career/job gives you.

Seven of Swords:

Keywords and Phrases:

· Doing the unexpected. Circumspection, guile, cunning.

· Cleverness, escape. Putting something over on others. Taking advantage.

· A job or career change. Moving to a new location.

· The need for discreet management. Indirect action.

· Caution, the need for professional advice.

· Running away, being your own worst enemy.

Situation and Advice:

You may be feeling cheated or uneasy about something you have done. You may wish to escape or run away, but you need to avoid self-defeating actions. Don’t become your own worst enemy. You will need to be crafty and diplomatic to deal with opposition and reach your goal.

Be aware that someone may be trying to take advantage of you or ruin your reputation in devious ways. They may take advantage of the fact that you are preoccupied with other things. Your unique worldview and ability to do the unexpected can save the day. A plan you made may not work out as intended. Seek professional advice. Be especially careful of anything you say or put in writing at this time. A battle of wills may be in the offing. Someone may be opposing your intellectual freedom and independence.

This card may also indicate moving onward and leaving a part of your life behind.

People: an ingenious person. Someone moving from one place to another.

CARD SIX: ‘R’ stands for relationships – co-worker influences, new interpersonal relations

Six of Pentacles:

Keywords and Phrases:

· Getting what you deserve. Helping others. Repayment of debts.

· Material gain, sound money management. Giving of your talents.

· Loans, grants, prizes. Financial assistance.

· Your work pays off. Enjoying the fruits of your labours. Teaching your skills to others.

· A business opportunity, a promotion, a bonus.

Situation and Advice:

This card represents a gift, a loan or the chance to participate in a business opportunity. Someone owing you is likely to pay up now. You will be dealt with fairly. Financial assistance is in the near future, and you will receive what is rightfully yours.

You may find someone to help you change career or jobs, or you may help someone by doing the same. You might be in line for a promotion or financial reward. This is a time for generosity, sound investment and sharing your wealth.

Ask and you shall receive.