Angel wrote, about herself:
i’ve never had a reading, and i find this a wee bit spooky…. so.. i was born on december 28 and i’m a capricorn.
i’m pretty much an extrovert and i love being the centre of attention. i also have a creative side. i love all things dragon, strawberry and cupcake! as much as i love being independent- i also love looking after my family and baking and cooking. housewifey-type stuff, LOL.
my life is currently in a change phase. i am moving in with my sweetheart after living alone with just damien in my flat for almost 13 years. we fully intend getting married eventually, but we’re not in a hurry to do so.
i am supremely happy and i honestly never thought i would be…”
Her question is: will she and her new man ever have a baby together?
Card Layout: The Heart Spread.

Before I do a reading, I always select a ‘face card’ – a court card (this means from the kings, queens, princes and princesses) that represents the person I’m doing the reading for. This helps keep me focused. The card I chose for Angel:

Queen of Pentacles:

Keywords and Phrases:

· Practical manager, organization, fertility, prosperity, sensuality.
· Love of nature, hospitality, abundance, responsibility, resourcefulness.
· The good things in life, security, creativity, common sense.
· Nurturance, emotional maturity, learning.
· A beautiful environment.

This person is sensible and practical. A slow and steady approach is best for progressing with her. She is a good organizer. Voluptuous, someone fond of the good things in life. She is practical, with clear business acumen. She is maternal and nurturing. Down to earth. She is concerned with the well-being of others. She is immensely capable – both as a mother and businesswoman. She is a loyal, sensuous woman who enjoys luxury and has a good sense of material values. One who works hard for material success. A helpful friend. A team player. A provider. She sustains and nurtures life.

She has insight into both matters of money and matters of the heart, and through these she will find the path to spiritual enlightenment. She is the bridge between the worlds of the mundane and the spectacular. Step once across that bridge and delight in the opulence and pure beauty. She is ‘at home’ wherever she finds herself.

Now, let’s get to the reading….

CARD ONE: This card represents HIM

Ten of Cups:

Keywords and Phrases:
· Lasting happiness in a relationship, tranquility, unity, shared well-being, giving and receiving love, bliss, emotional completion.
· Good parent-child relationships, fulfillment, contentment, matrimony.
· Genuine friendship, partnership, compatibility, undying love.
· Realization of hopes, a happy occasion, a reason to give thanks.

Situation and Advice:
This card is an extremely positive card for matters of love, emotions, values shared happiness, spiritual growth and harmonious relationships. It carries the promise of affection, contentment and happy family relations. Prospects of marriage are obvious. This is honestly, the ‘true love’ card. There are no regrets from yesterday, no concerns for tomorrow, so live for today and appreciate the moment.

The only warning of this card is not to take anything for granted – don’t let your happiness slip away, don’t allow it to stagnate, but keep it in a constant state of growth and rejuvenation. Don’t go looking for problems. Sit back and enjoy what you have. The rainbow represented on this card reminds us that the greatest power in the world is love, and it is through love that we get a glimpse of heaven.

People: a happy family. Loved ones. A union.

CARD TWO: this card represents HER

Two of Swords:
Keywords and Phrases:
· Renewed action, the stalemate is over, movement, change.
· Able to make decisions now, the consequences of choice, taking the lid off,
· Facing your feelings, emotions break through to the surface, the ripple effect.

Situation and Advice:
You have recently made a decision, now you must wait to see how matters unfold; strong emotions have come to the surface and must be dealt with head-on. The stalemate that was your life is now over, and more changes are on the way. Your life can now move forward.
Your heart was once closed to love, but something has happened to open it. Your protective barriers have been broken. Stop avoiding what you know is the truth. Accept the love. The Two Cards usually represent couples – make sure the balance is maintained, and that your combined energies are put into achieving goals. Stop thinking of it as ‘him and me’ think of it as ‘us’.
People: someone who has recently made a decision of an uncertain outcome.

CARD THREE: this card represents the relationship

Princess of Cups:
Keywords and Phrases:
· Birth of new emotions. Increased emotional sensitivity. Love, warmth, attraction.
· The beginning of creativity, discussion of feelings. Tender emotions.
· A new phase in a relationship. Intuition, imagination, inspiration.
· Inspiration from a friend, news about a happy emotional event like a birth and/or wedding.
· A new stage of emotional development, emergence of hidden talents, a good idea.
· Good news about a birth or marriage. Starting a new project. A child. Children.

Situation and Advice:
You may soon be getting married or announcing an impending birth. You are entering a period of new feelings, a time of emotional rebirth. Emotional growth requires that you learn to trust all over again. A child will feature importantly in your future life. This will be an ‘out of the blue’ event that will be appreciated even more so because of its unexpected nature.

People represented by this card are true romantics at heart. In it’s masculine energy, this person values tranquility and is compassionate and gentle. He seems dreamy and detached a lot of the time, though beneath his calmness lies a bravery and studiousness. His ideas may seem elusive and impossible, but more often than not, their base is sold. Though he can be moody and impractical, because he is so rooted in the spiritual and emotional, this man is always willing to serve.

This card tells you never to stop listening to your intuition and believing in your dreams. If you cease to dream, your dreams can never come true because they do not exist any more. Dare to dream and anything becomes possible.

People: a comforting person, someone interested in learning about emotional issues.

CARD FOUR: this card represents how she sees him.

Four of Wands:

Keywords and Phrases:
· Haven. Refuge. A union reaching a special stage of development. Peace.
· Contentment. A happy and secure home. A sound partnership. Laying the foundations for marriage. A good investment.
· Productivity, comfort, a happy ending.

Situation and Advice:
This is a happy, positive card indicating rest and reward after a long struggle. You have reached a momentous stage in your relationship, and this must be celebrated. The roots you have laid are secure. This is one of the cards that traditionally signify marriage. You will enjoy working together on a new phase of your life.

While success can be enjoyed for a while, don’t rest on your laurels – you must never stop growing, learning and living. This card also represents childbirth. Work hard to reap these rewards. Order has been established – easy, natural flow of a life in balance.

People: happy or contented people.

CARD FIVE: this card represents how he sees her
The Empress

Keywords and Phrases:
· Queen of life, the mother archetype. Fruitfulness, prosperity, creativity.
· Nurturing, healing, love, harmony, union, continued growth, synthesis.
· Status, social standing, a beautiful home. Abundance, physical love and affection.
· Feminine sexuality, marriage, gain, fertility. Pregnancy, creativity, maternal instincts.
· Willingness to help others, birth, motherhood.
· Grounding in the life process. Fulfilled potential. Mother earth. Mother nature.

Situation and Advice:
The Empress is a card of good fortune, suggesting female creativity, fertility, sexuality and productivity. Your hard work pays off with material success. Sexual relations are satisfying. This card indicates marriage and pregnancy and childbirth (especially with the Four of Wands). All will go well with this pregnancy. You will literally ‘reap the rewards of your labour’.

You are able to share your feelings and give and receive love.

People: a mother, a wife, a woman of importance. A regal woman. An earth woman. Creative person. Woman of power and authority. For a man – this is the woman of his dreams.

CARD SIX: this card represents worldly, material, physical aspects of the relationship

Seven of Cups: (reversed)
Keywords and Phrases:
· Persistence is rewarded. a realistic attitude, determination. A good choice. Able to see the forest for the trees. Head rules over heart. Cutting to the chase.
· Success comes the second time around.

You have been scattering your energies, instead of pursuing a determined course of action. This lead to a feeling of disillusionment. Your first attempt at achieving a goal did not work because you did not apply yourself wisely or with proper focus.

With a realistic attitude, you can put things in perspective, and think about things properly to reach a desired conclusion. Focus on what you need and follow through with your good ideas. If you set clear, specific goals your hard work will be rewarded.

This card is linked to pleasure – particularly sexual pleasure. But can also refer to smaller, every day pleasure. Affection, gifts. There is a sense of sacrifice that comes with this gift. Giving up the past, in order to give the other person your future.

People: realists.

CARD SEVEN: this card represents where the relationship came from

Nine of Pentacles: (reversed)

Keywords and Phrases:
· Unwise decisions, dependency, loss. Deprivation, wastefulness.
· Rash decisions, foolish actions, entanglements, suffering the consequences of poor decisions.
· A guilty conscience, problems, setbacks.

Situation and Advice:
Your existence before your current reality was created by bad decisions, poor choices and dependency. You were entangled in difficult situations, and your guilty conscience kept you there.

You have managed to move past all your setbacks. If not for all the pain and suffering from the past, you would never be where you are today. Don’t regret anything from your past. Accept that it has brought you together.

People: those with a guilty conscience.

CARD EIGHT: this represents where the relationship is going.

Eight of Swords: (reversed)
Keywords and Phrases:
· Removal of an obstruction, unblocking something.
· A new beginning, overcoming fear. Taking off the blindfold.
· Freedom from restriction. Relief. Cessation of interference.
· Empowerment. Able to move again. Renewed faith in yourself.
· Appropriate self-assertion.

Situation and Advice:
You can now break free of limitations and confront anxieties. The pressures you face are beginning to subside. You are able to see clearly what surrounds you and to deal with factors hindering progress. Having conquered your fear, you are free to start again.

Be assertive and refuse restrictions others place on you.

People: someone who has escaped a confining relationship.

BONUS CARD: (this card fell out while I was shuffling – they usually bear added significance because they ‘make themselves known’.)

Ace of Cups:
Keywords and Phrases:
· New love. Ecstasy. Compassion, partnership.
· Health, marriage, loving relationship. Pregnancy, childbirth, fertility.
· Engagement, a gift.

Situation and Advice:
This indicates a new beginning in your emotional life. this relationship will lead to marriage, lasting friendship and a close emotional tie.

If you asked about pregnancy, motherhood is in the offing. You are about to receive a true gift. Of life and love.

People: lovers, artists, psychics, compassionate people.